Things That Make Me Happy

This week I set out with the intention of only focusing on the things that make me happy. I am going to carry this intention throughout every week to remember to always look at the things I am grateful for, and to continue to be positive and full of life at all times. This intention inspired this week’s blog post, here are a few things that genuinely make me happy!


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I have always loved the therapeutic advantages and the power of writing. There is something about the ability to express myself by just writing my thoughts that I absolutely love. I am both an introvert and extrovert, the introvert in me is always in my thoughts and  I need a way to release them in a progressive way. My thoughts have their home in between the papers in my journals. Writing is also a passion of mine, hence why I love this blog.

Self-help Books

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I am at a phase in my life where I want to become the best version of myself possible. I want to self-heal, grow, and radiate self-love. Self-help books have become my favorite way of educating myself on all of these things. I especially love reading books on becoming the healthiest woman mentally, emotionally and physically.


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I have fallen in love with watching the sky in general, the colors, sun, moon, stars, clouds all fascinate me. I love watching the sky change, sunsets in particular are one of my top favorite things to watch. Watching the colors of the sky look like paint on a canvas, while the sun dances with everything around it. Feeling the warm summer sun on my skin while the day turns to night is a total summer vibe. We live in such a beautiful world and I love appreciating every bit of it.

Circle Sunnies

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Circle sunnies give me either 70’s or 90’s vibes and I love both eras for their fashion influence. They give such a chic look that makes for a very fashion forward look. The ones I am wearing have a tortoise shell detail on the top of the lenses and that is my favorite detail. I also love the minimal gold details on the glasses as well. These are definitely another one of my thrifted treasures.



Lately, I have been in love with wearing sneakers. I think it’s the comfort I love the most because I have been walking and exploring around a lot this summer. They also can make for really dope looks, I have been having fun styling them in different looks for fashion forward outfits. I especially love elevated sneakers with different textures and prints, the ones I am wearing have a snake skin textile along most of the shoe. It can be used as a statement piece or an added fun textured detail.

Graphic Tee’s

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I love graphic tee’s and styling the masculine into feminine. I also love oversized shirts, the one I am wearing is one of my favorite graphic shirts I own. Band tee’s have also been a fav of mine to wear, music has such an influence in the fashion industry and band tee’s are such a must for my musical soul.


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I had mentioned in my last blog post I have been wearing scarves in my hair. I love the fun prints and colors you can add to an outfit with the simple addition of a scarf. I love either wearing them in my hair as a headband or hair-tie, or I like wearing them around my neck. They can make an outfit look unique, fun, and different.

Hoop Earrings & Chokers

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Accessorizing is always super fun and I love jewelry. My go-to jewelry pieces are a pair of hoop earrings and a choker. Playing with different sizes and colors can really take your look to the next level.

Turquoise Rings

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By now, if you have been reading my blog for awhile you know my obsession with turquoise rings. I wear them with EVERYTHING, it creates my statement look and they just look so bad-ass. They also remind me of my home town which is another reason why I love them so much.


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Heels are my go-to shoe, I feel the most confident in a pair of heels. I am quite short so heels give me that height and elevation to my outfits. I wear them pretty much every day depending on what I am doing or where I am going. They also play into my style of creating masculine looks into feminine. The way I styled my over-sized tee shirt with a pair of heels would be an example of this styling trick.

Let me know some of the things that make you happy, comment down below.

I filmed a video to go along with this blog post, you can watch that here!

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I am a part time sales adviser and buyer at a retail company and a graduated Fashion Marketing alum. Fashion is my number one passion and inspiration. Some of the things I am inspired by are art, music, writing, photography, and videos, all of my inspirations will be infiltrated into this blog. I am an aspiring fashion stylist & blogger, and I also make YouTube videos to display my style and inspiration. You can find my YouTube channel under the name, moriahchristine.

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