I was going to originally title this blog post as, “Self Discovery” but I feel there is so much more I want to touch on and write about regarding the topic of sense of self.

Your Journey

Your journey of discovering your being is a magical and amazing experience. Your life should be looked at as your story, just think about that. Everyone has their own personal story and with every interaction we are changing, affecting, and adding to each one of our journeys. Questions such as: “Who are you?”, and, “What do you have to offer to yourself, others, and the world?”, are great to start to create a conversation within your mind on really analyzing who you are.

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My Journey

My journey of self discovery has taken me through both light and dark moments, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am who I am because of everything that has happened in my life. My character was developed upon life lessons and analyzations, how they affected me and how I grew from them. I don’t regret anything that has happened in my life, I don’t feel as though I have made a mistake where I wish I could have taken it back. I want to honestly thank every single person I had the honor of meeting and allowing into my life and into my story. Because without them, I wouldn’t be here today, filled with gratitude and love in my heart, writing this blog post to express my passions to the rest of the world.

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Present Journey

I have recently undergone a major wake up call, something that really affected me and shifted my perception on life. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for about 6-7 years now, and my way of life, the way I thought, was taking me down a path that I do not want to go down. I got intertwined with someone else’s story and realized my self-destructive thought processes and how mentally damaging I was being to myself. I had allowed someone into my story that changed it for the better, without that person I would not have made the crucial realizations I needed to make. Although this past chapter was not a positive or happy one, it was needed, for me.

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Future Journey

Because I feel my journey on discovering who I truly am has just begun, I have answered my question of what am I here to do in this life. I am a very passionate person and I have one life to live. I want to express every goal, dream, and passion of mine and share it with the world. I want to share my story to help others, shed positivity, kindness, and love to everyone watching, reading, and viewing my content. I want to use my platforms as a tool of capturing my journey as well as to help others along theirs. I also want to help be a light to my viewers/readers and share my realization in hopes that I can help them with their own lives.

I am filled with so much gratitude and love for every one of you that takes the time to watch or read my content. I hope I can make a positive difference in your present chapter of life. Have a wonderful rest of your day, I will be back with more content next week.

Much Love,



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I am a part time sales adviser and buyer at a retail company and a graduated Fashion Marketing alum. Fashion is my number one passion and inspiration. Some of the things I am inspired by are art, music, writing, photography, and videos, all of my inspirations will be infiltrated into this blog. I am an aspiring fashion stylist & blogger, and I also make YouTube videos to display my style and inspiration. You can find my YouTube channel under the name, moriahchristine.

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