Fashion School 101

As of two weeks ago, I have officially graduated with honors from The Art Institute with my Bachelors in Fashion Marketing. I have worked extremely hard to graduate, taking 27 credits in 11 weeks to accelerate my status in order to graduate in line with a school closing it’s doors. I took a 3 1/2 year program and finished in 2 1/2 years, that took serious determination and discipline. If you are wondering about going to school for fashion or just wanting to read some advice about it, here are some tips that helped me get through fashion school:



Passion and aspiration helped me get through the hardest parts of college. I thought to myself, “I am going through tribulations in order to be able to study what I love and eventually be involved in the field, therefore, it’s worth it.” Even in my early memories I remember being very interested in fashion, I can remember all of my favorite outfits as a child and each outfit is associated with a memory. I committed to this career my freshman year of high school and have been determined ever since. This is what had driven me to succeed.


Goals & Dreams

This tip similarly follows the previous one, but there are important lessons regarding these two. If you are constantly reminding yourself why you are putting yourself through school (a.k.a. thinking about your goals and dreams) then you are one step closer to achieving them. I constantly reminded myself of where I eventually wanted to be in my career, and that excitement got me through everything. It got me through the stress, the tears, the frustration, the lack of confidence…everything. To help with reminding yourself of these things, every day or week write down your goals, small or big. This will help you keep track of where you are at with those aspirations.



Being able to stay on top of assignments and due dates was definitely attributed to being focused. Not letting your outside life affect your success in school will also show that being focused can help you get far. College is for a limited time, regardless if you go to school for 8 years…it is still limited, it will eventually come to an end. With that, try not to become discouraged if you don’t feel like school is for you. I had a very similar problem this year, and focusing was one of the things that helped me succeed.


Be Creative

Being creative was not hard for me because I attended an art school, where creativity was a big factor in regards to education. I have always had an artistic mind and being able to express myself and my creativity is crucial. These are some reasons as to why I attended a more creative school as opposed to a university. Being innovative will alleviate the seriousness of projects and assignments for you, it will make your time more enjoyable. Thinking outside of the box for presentations or homework will make it more fun to accomplish, therefore, you will feel more empowered.



This tip is more about upon or after graduation, if you don’t find a job right after school, that’s okay. Maybe taking your time trying to find the perfect company or position for you is where your personal story lies. Don’t get discouraged over a job that you really want not working out, this just means that company was not meant for you and there are bigger and better opportunities for you in the long run.

I hope these tips help you out with your fashion careers, please let me know what you think of my tips or if you have any of your own. Comment down below your feedback!

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I am a part time sales adviser and buyer at a retail company and a graduated Fashion Marketing alum. Fashion is my number one passion and inspiration. Some of the things I am inspired by are art, music, writing, photography, and videos, all of my inspirations will be infiltrated into this blog. I am an aspiring fashion stylist & blogger, and I also make YouTube videos to display my style and inspiration. You can find my YouTube channel under the name, moriahchristine.

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