Wednesday Thoughts

The middle of the week calls for self reflection. It’s a reflection of all the day to day tasks I need to accomplish, my goals and dreams, how I will accomplish those goals and dreams and checking in on myself mentally. I configure a list of due dates, errands, and future events for the rest of the week. It’s a time I take to myself to make sure I’m on the right track for myself and my future.

Currently, I am getting ready to graduate and start my fashion career in the next couple of months. Having been in art school for the past 2 1/2 years, my time to move on from this stage of my life will be soon. The idea of the unknown terrifies me, knowing that I will move on from something I would consider as comfortable to bigger things that I am unfamiliar with. Not knowing where my future will take me is terrifying and exciting all at once. I know that wherever I go or wherever I may end up, I will put my complete best into it. I believe in myself and my abilities, with all of the experience and education I have gathered in the past 2 1/2 years. These are the thoughts that I have on my mind this Wednesday, what are yours?


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I am a part time sales adviser and buyer at a retail company and a graduated Fashion Marketing alum. Fashion is my number one passion and inspiration. Some of the things I am inspired by are art, music, writing, photography, and videos, all of my inspirations will be infiltrated into this blog. I am an aspiring fashion stylist & blogger, and I also make YouTube videos to display my style and inspiration. You can find my YouTube channel under the name, moriahchristine.

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