Summer Cafe

One of the places I love to be in is a coffee shop. Sitting down and reflecting on my day, my life, my plans while sipping on an iced coffee. Simplistic bliss. I find inspiration in these settings as well, seeing the different fixtures and decorations. Watching the people around me sitting down, working, writing, reading. Looking outside and gathering creativity from everything out there. It is definitely a great place to find influence and to become motivated to work and create.

One of my favorite cafes is located in Downtown Tucson, the German inspiration mixed with a Tucson touch creates an interesting atmosphere and a great display of decor. Sitting at those wooden tables surrounded by green vines and succulents always gives me joy.


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I am a part time sales adviser and buyer at a retail company and a graduated Fashion Marketing alum. Fashion is my number one passion and inspiration. Some of the things I am inspired by are art, music, writing, photography, and videos, all of my inspirations will be infiltrated into this blog. I am an aspiring fashion stylist & blogger, and I also make YouTube videos to display my style and inspiration. You can find my YouTube channel under the name, moriahchristine.

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